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Cycling routes in Andalusia: 5 days loop – East

Third part of our hybrid trilogy is heading east to Granada Province where can be seen highest peaks of Cordillera Penibetica  and even the whole Iberian Peninsula; the range of mountain is nothing less than Sierra Nevada.

Those 3482 meters of the highest peak Mulhacen attract tourist and cyclist as well as the 2nd highest point peak Veleta (3398 m.a.s.) which can be reached on bike directly from Granada city. Probably the longest climb you can do in Europe on asphalted road, including stunning views and lack of air.

But there is more than this climb, the whole massif and surrounding parts like Alpujarras – the south part with amazing white villages on slopes or northern part with valley Hoya de Guadix in Depresion Intrabetica are impressive. So lets go!!!


DAY 1 / Malaga – Almuñecar [ 75 km / 600 m ]

Cycling in Andalusia – Cycling routes in Andalusia

The trip starts with easy ride along the shoreline called Costa del sol. Leaving Malaga take road N-340 through Pedregalejo and El Palo parts until you will reach the village La Cala del Moral, all the time you can combine promenade and small track next to the main road.

In generally 1st part till the city of Nerja is a flat ride between coastal villages. Classic Spanish culture with plenty of bars & apothekas. Nerja is just half way so should or could be target for stop and refreshment. Beautiful views from its balcony and nice atmosphere in the centre just above some cliffs makes this place unique during the whole year.

Since this point and still on N-340 we leave civilisation behind and beautiful winding coastal road takes us along and above nice natural cliffs, example of how was shoreline before we made sandy beaches for lazy people. Undulated ride till Almunecar, one of the oldest cities in peninsula, founded in IX B.C. by Phoenicians as a city of Sexi. And first day is over.

- City of Almunecar
Balcony of Europe
Puente Aguila
- Roman Aqueduct
- Accommodation


DAY 2 / Almuñecar – Granada [ 80 km / 1900 m ]

Bike routes in Andalusia – Cycling routes in Granada

Second day is basically one climb only, but really amazing one. 8 km to small village Jete is flat section to warm up, then comes ascent to pass called Collado de los Poyos (1276 m. a. s.). Beautiful hill 24 km long between rocks, later pines and dry rocks again. Finally you will reach any 1300 m of altitude having all the time nice views around and back over sea!!! All this on the quiet road A-4050. Take enough water, there is not much sources.

Once you reach the summit keep on to T-Junction with GR-3302 direction village Jayena. Probably the highest point of the day, but not of the trip. Views over Sierra Nevada and downhill to Granada are coming. Being closer to Granada there is rising possibility to get a refreshment, above all close to city of Otura.

Last section is more/less entrance to city of Granada through all surrounding villages and industrial parts, not as nice but topped by amazing views over mountains!!!


DAY 3 / Granada – Veleta Peak – Guejar Sierra [ 100 km / 2800 m or 80 km / 1900 m ]

Cycling routes in Andalusia – Bike Routes in Sierra Nevada

Queen stage of the trip?? Concerning the elevation for sure. Even views from 3000+ must be always impressive.

The longest climb you can do and even the highest point you can reach on asphalted road in Europe – OK, there can be discussion if the last section reminds asphalt due to hard weather conditions.

There are 2 different ways how to climb to the top. The easiest way is to ride over main road A-395 from Granada direction Sierra Nevada Ski Station / Pradollano. From this point you still keep on up to point called Hoya de la Mora which is about 2500 m.a.s. There is end for car access and the rest can be ridden on bike only up to the peak.Since this point the road has a quality according to the elevation and weather conditions, but still beautiful one!!! Enjoy.

In generally there are more ways how to reach peak Veleta, over Monachil (road GR-3202) or over Guejar Sierra (road GR-3200).

All the way up there are many restaurants and bars to get refreshment or regular meal until 2500 m.a.s. where the last snack can be bought. During the last part you have to carry all with you, but the views and descent worth climb it!!!

- 80 km / 1900 m – short cut with finish on the Hoya de la Mora
- Altimetry
- Sierra Nevada
- Pradollano
- Accommodation

DAY 4 / Guejar Sierra – Alhama de Granada [ 80 km / 1000 m ]

Cycling trails Malaga – Andalusia cycling vacation

After a climbing stage in the mountains comes relaxing undulated ride over small and beautiful hills towards Malaga Province.

Crossing Granada city it will be a bit busy as always but later on you will face majestic peak Maroma (2062 m.a.s.), natural border between both: Granada Province and Malaga Provice. In the village Ventas Huerta take direction Alhama de Granada and start climbing main hill of the day. Nothing special in compare to the previous day and even gradient is amazing. The descent towards lake Embalse de Bermejales is nice and views even better. Turn left to ride along to village Arenas del Rey. Another option to get the snack before the last section.

Then keep on to Alhama de Granada and in km 75 you will reach small lake with Spa. The hidden place is called El Ventorro. Nice location to stay overnight for those less interested in the rush of city of Alhama even though there is not as much rush as in proper Granada. But if you want, there are last 5 km to reach Alhama de Granada. Its history, beautiful location & historical buildings may impress anybody.

- Alhama de Granada
- Embalse de los Bermejales
- Spa
- Accommodation

DAY 5 / Alhama de Granada – Malaga [ 90 km / 1300 m ]

Cycling training in Andalusia – Malaga bike routes

Last day is a beautiful undulated track between all hills of northern part of Malaga Province, topped by absolutely impressive downhill to centre of Malaga – the queen of all hills for locals from pass Puerto del Leon.

From Alhama de Granada take old road to Zafarraya to ride between fields and behind the range of mountains called Sierra Tejeda. Nice views and short hills during the whole day. Coming closer to Zafarraya you will observe the mighty hole, pass Boquete de Zafarraya. Just in front of this pass turn right to proper village Zafarraya and Loja. Behind village starts steady and easy climb to reach the highest point of the day, any 1120 m.a.s.

The descent between peaks and fields with view over small altiplano Depresion de Alfarnate which you will enter later on. In 7 km comes crossroad, so take the first left to follow A-4152 direction Colmenar. Nice undulated road at the bottom of mountains offers views over hills and shoreline too. There is one restaurant on the road, if closed you can enter one of villages to find some snack there. Then keeps on for Colmenar for another 20 km.

In Colmenar are much more bars to be refreshed before the last section along the N.P. Montes de Malaga. In generally last 32 km of which 20 km are downhill. Sounds great!!! When you reach pass Puerto del Leon / Fuente de la Reina, you can get another snack enjoying those unforgettable views over the huge bay Bahia de Malaga. Cycling trip is over, just last descent – but really nice one!!!

- To cut the elevation, from Venta de Zafarraya you can descent to Vinuela and Torre del Mar. Then cycle along the coast to Malaga
- Depresion de Alfarnate
- N.P. Montes de Malaga

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