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Cycling routes in Andalusia: 5 days loop – WEST

Here we bring nice 5 days loop direction west. Mostly we stay in Malaga Province but gently you will touch Cadiz Province. The object of this loop is famous city of Ronda with its surrounding range of mountains like Serrania de Ronda or Sierra de las Nieves, both part of the subsystem Cordillera Penibetica.

Nice white villages in high mountains, beautiful views and different local gastronomy all this supported by young local wineries of Ronda – D. O. Serrania de Ronda – gaining the reputation during last decades.


DAY 1 / Malaga – El Chorro [ 55 km / 750 m ]

Cycling in Andalusia – Cycling routes in Andalusia

First day of this western journey is a bit lighter and similar to the last day of the north loop. Any 55 km starting in Malaga Center, going over the industrial part directly to the long valley behind Malaga called Hoya de Malaga. Pretty fertile place supplied by river Guadalhorce, the longest one in the province, valley full of lemons, oranges and mandarins, later on changed into olive trees.

In 30 km you pass Pizarra village and reach views over the Alora Castle dominating the end of the valley. Small climb to the city and maybe a refreshment.

There are any 15 km left and the route became undulated. More olive trees, more peaks around and above all Sierra del Abdalajis in front of you. El Chorro is a small hamlet with train station, hydropower station and above all, famous for its mighty natural gorge called Caminito del Rey.

You have reached it, but for those interested in one extra climb, there is option to see the upper reservoir of this hydropower station. Would be any 5 km along old ruins of Bobastro.


- Optional extra climb: keep on MA-5403 direction Ardales, then turn left over MA-448 to reach Bobastro and top reservoir – enjoy!!!
- Altimetry: Puerto del Leon
- Altimetry: Las Mesas de Villaverde
- Accomodation: La Garganta
- City of Alora
- Hamlet El Chorro


DAY 2 / El Chorro – Setenil de las Bodegas [ 75 km / 1300 m ]

Bike routes in Andalusia – Cycling routes in Malaga

Today's ride is taking a regular distance for whole day trip. Start uphill to the system of water reservoirs Guadalhorce-Guadalteba, main base of drinking water for huge part of Malaga Province. It is a nice and peaceful area between lakes and later fields which suddenly brings you to Campillos. There is an opportunity for refreshment as Teba City will be passed.

Next flat section has option to climb the ruins of  Teba Castle – few walls, one tower, but excellent views around. To come to Canete la Real there is a significant hill, almost 10 km and you reach the highest point of the day. Quiet village with rest of another castle and always fresh air.

Last undulated part of track leads between fields of crop and nice peaks of local sierra. Then comes beautiful village Setenil de las Bodegas, nicely incorporated in between caves and cliffs and even inside of them, enjoy!!!


- Accomodation: Hotel Villa de Setenil
- Reservoirs Guadalhorce-Guadalteba
- City of Teba
- City of Setenil de las Bodegas

DAY 3 / Setenil de las Bodegas – Grazalema [ 76 km / 1900m ]

Cycling routes in Andalusia – Bike Routes in Grazalema

Queen stage of the loop. This day you will feel hills in your legs and see them even around. Entering the hearth of Serrania de Ronda with all those pines and rocky formations.

Firstly undulated part to Zahara de la Sierra include one option to visit old ruins of roman Ronda called Acinipo – nice settlement including the rest of roman theatre and perfect views around, just take road A-7402, it stays on your right. When coming back keep on a bit and then right over MA-487, direction Montecorto again. Being closer and closer to Zahara village, topped by castle again, cycle along nice dam of the same name. Impressive views and dominating hills around.

Now comes flat section until village El Bosque, all the time along the beautiful massif of N. P. Sierra de Grazalema. In El Bosque there are lots of restaurants to get the power before the main hill of the day: climb to the famous pass Puerto del Boyar (1107 m.a.s.). Beautiful road, scenery and even the gradient. Any 15 km with average of 4.5% is going easily along peak Torreon, (1648 m.a.s.), the highest hill of this Sierra.

Once reached the pass, there are nice views and even picnic place to enjoy quiet moments. Last few kms is downhill to Grazalema, white village with superb atmosphere during the whole year. Have a nice stay.


- Optional: when leaving Setenil de las Bodegas direction Villalones, in 2 km turn left for Venta de Leche / Ronda, road A-7402. In 5 km turn right up for settlement Acinipo – Ronda La Vieja & Winery Ronda La Vieja
- Shortcut: from Zahara de la Sierra or Montecorto, there is possibility to climb directly village Grazalema.
- Accomodation: Hotel Villa de Grazalema
- Acinipo Roman Settlement
- Altimetry Puerto del Boyar
- Reservoir Zahara de la Sierra


DAY 4 / Grazalema – Ronda [ 85 km / 1700 m ]

Cycling trails Malaga – Andalusia cycling vacation

Another day in the mountains, less elevation but the whole day fully and deeply lost inside of Sierra de Grazalema. First part is flat and downhill until you reach village Ubrique, ride between fields, meadows, peaks and sometimes some pines. Easyride.

Passing Ubrique comes real hill winding between pines. You are approaching to another white village called Cortes de la Frontera, good place to refresh yourself as there is less than half left. Then keep on direction Jimena de Libar and over the village start climbing to Atajate, one of the smallest villages in Malaga Province. Any 7 km from the valley to the main road to Ronda, including the restaurant directly on the T-Junction on the top. You can refuel again.

For those interested in speleology, there is nice option to keep direction Benaojan when coming to Jimena de Libar on road MA-8401: in 12 km you find turn left for cave Cueva de la Pileta. Probably the most oldest prove of paintings in Spain, dating at least 20 000 years ago, cave settled since Upper Paleolithic Period.

Those going over Atajate have left last mountain pass called Puerto de las Encinas Borrachas (1011 m.a.s.). Another 8 km to reach it, in total 15 km since Jimena de Libar. When being on the summit, there is downhill to Ronda only. Nice entrance to the city along the huge and old main Gate of Almocabar constructed in XIII Century by arabs. Beautiful place!!!


- Optional visit of caves: Cueva de la Pileta
- Altimetry Puerto Encinas Borrachas
- Accomodation: Hotel Acinipo
- City of Ronda


DAY 5 / Ronda – Malaga [ 100 km / 1300 m ]

Cycling training in Andalusia – Malaga bike routes

Last day should be descent as Ronda is any 700 m.a.s. and Malaga on the see level, but...  There is amazing N. P.  Sierra de las Nieves on the way down, so there are last two hills left on this loop around Malaga Province. None of them is really hard, short hills with nice gradient.

Firstly we leave Ronda taking the old road A-366 along the Winery Conrad to reach 1st pass called Puerto del Viento (1075 m.a.s.), any 7 km from west – the easiest way. Then comes long downhill to village El Burgo with small undulated section. Beautiful scenery and changing landscape keeps you company all the time. Later on when approaching to the village there can be visited nice viewpoint of Guarda Forestal offering views over huge part of surrounding range of the mountains. Then down to El Burgo. There you can relax and refuel as the 2nd and last hill is in front of you.

Heading for village Yunquera, start climbing pass Puerto de las Abejas (822 m.a.s.). Steady 6 km on the wider road, easy one – will pass away quickly. In Yunquera there are another refreshment points before you go down to valley Hoya de Malaga widely located under your legs.  Any 30 km still down through villages Alozaina, along Casarabonela to Pizarra, long descent can be boring too. So next to Casarabonela there is a nice Cactus Botanical Garden – if you are interested.

There in Pizarra you will have ridden almost 70 km and last 30 km left through the surrounding villages of Malaga"and industrial park. Those uninterested in this part can jump into local train Cercanias C2, leaving every hour for Malaga Center.

If you decide cycle to Malaga then over Aljaima, Estacion de Cartama and Campanillas and road A-7054 to the centre. Trip is over.


- Altimetry Puerto del Viento
- Altimetry Puerto de las Abejas
- Viewpoint Guarda Forestal
- Botanical Garden

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