Delivery and Pick Up

We also offer a delivery and a pick up service for our bikes in the province of Malaga

If you would like to order this delivery and pick up service of the bikes please contact us beforehand indicating the exact address of you hotel or apartment. Here you can find more information about the transporting service that we offer.

Exits from Malaga by bike

How to leave the city center by bike?

In our section with maps and information about the area you can also download a map showing the exits from the city center by bike, especially for our proposed cycling routes (PDF, 11.2MB)

Guided bike tours

We also offer guided MTB tours in Malaga and road bike tours in Andalusia.

We offer a lot of different bike tours for people who are planning their cycling holiday in Malaga. Here you can find information about road bike cycling training in Andalusia or guided mountain bike tours in Malaga.

Guided and self-guided cycling routes in Malaga

Every single of these MTB biking trails below, can be ridden as guided tours. For more information, please check out our offer in RIDE WITH GUIDE -> Guided MTB Tours in Malaga.

MB-01 MTB Fuente Climb Easy

Malaga cycling route planner – Mountain Bike Routes

Malaga MTB routes



easy | 43 km, linear

This is a mountain bike version of the highclimb up to Fuente de la Reina, which is highly appreciated by connoisseurs of the region and also by road bikers. The route will lead you to beautiful and wide gravel roads, far away from cars and the vibrant city. You will be guided across the Montes de Malaga through pine forests, along old ruins and amazing viewing points.


MB-02 MTB Fuente Climb Pro

Cycle route planner Malaga – Mountain Bike Routes

Malaga MTB routes



difficult | 53 km, circular

Again the MTB version of the Fuente highclimb. But in this route you get it a bit more challengeing.


MB-03 Coast route Malaga -> Nerja

MTB Route Malaga Nerja

Malaga MTB routes

Malaga mountain bike routes

Malaga bike routes

moderate | 113 km, linear

It is a very nice day trip that will take you all the way to Nerja. On your way you will see several cities, such as El Palo, Rincon de la Victoria, Torre del Mar and Torrox. You will also pass some nice beaches. So, there are lots of opportunities to have some more stops...


MB-04 Malaga -> Montes de Malaga via Boticario

MTB Route to Malaga Mountains

MTB tours Malaga

moderate | 24 km, circular

This is one of the main mountain bike trails close to Malaga. It is a 25 km roundtrip to start in Malaga city center. After leaving the city on asphalt you will go off road in Parque Natural Montes de Malaga, after climbing the hills the asphalt road will take you back to the city. It is a good trip to do some mountain biking and just to get away from the city for some time.


MB-06 Alfarnate Loop

MTB routes Granada

MTB tours Malaga

moderate | 21 km, circular

A bit far away from shoreline there is a lot of nice places in the mountains and Depression of Alfarnate is one of these. The loop is not long and combination of asphalt and off road, probably half – half but still there is significant gained elevation. The main object should be amazing view over the Depression from the highest point just above village.