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Exits from Malaga by bike

How to leave the city center by bike?

In our section with maps and information about the area you can also download a map showing the exits from the city center by bike, especially for our proposed cycling routes (PDF, 11.2MB)

Guided bike tours

We also offer guided MTB tours in Malaga and road bike tours in Andalusia.

We offer a lot of different bike tours for people who are planning their cycling holiday in Malaga. Here you can find information about road bike cycling training in Andalusia or guided mountain bike tours in Malaga.

Guided and self-guided cycling routes in Malaga

Every single of these road bike cycle routes below, can be ridden as guided tours. For more information, please check out our offer in RIDE WITH GUIDE -> Guided Road Bike Tours in Malaga.

Cycling levels

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Approx. (distance)... 50 km 80 km 90 km 100 km 120 km +
Approx. (elevation)... 600 m 1100 m  1600 m 2100 m 2100 m +

RB-01 Malaga -> Almogia -> Casabermeja -> Colmenar -> Malaga

Road Bike ROute Malaga Almogia

Road bike tours Malaga Almogia

level 4 | 95 km, circular

It's a moderate road trip. You will climb along lake El Casasola to Almogia and then you will ride to Villanueva de la Concepcion facing majestic hill El Torcal. Between Villanueva and Colmenar there are several short and strong climbs between rocky hills. From Colmenar you will enjoy natural park Montes de Malaga with its pine-atmosphere. From  pass Puerto del Leon enjoy nice downhill to Malaga center.


RB-02 Malaga -> Alora -> El Chorro -> Carratraca -> Malaga

Cycling route Malaga-El Chorro

Malaga road bike routes

level 5 | 126 km, circular

This is another moderate road trip through valley Hoya de Malaga followed by slight ascent between mountains Sierra del Valle del Abdalajis on the right side and Sierra de Aguas on the left side. You will face beautiful natural gorge in El Chorro called Desfiladero de los Gaitanes / Camino del Rey. Then you will slightly climb between pines to the lakes Embalse del Conde del Guadalhorce. From Carratraca to Alora there is really quite bad surface road but it's well balanced by impressive views to the valley again. Going through city center of Alora you will go back to Malaga.


RB-03 Malaga -> Campanillas -> Almogia -> Puerto de la Torre -> Malaga

Cycling route Malaga Almogia

Malaga road bike routes

level 2 | 46 km, circular

This is a short moderate trip with one 6 km long but strong ascent. You will leave Malaga through MA-405/A-7076 till Campanillas where you keep straight through the roundabout following A-7058. Having 18 km turn left across the river and start climbing through Los Nuñez. There are some strong parts close to 18% and the surface is mostly good.


RB-04 Malaga -> Fuente de la Reina -> Puerto del Leon -> Olias -> Malaga

Road bike route Malaga Fuente de la Reina

Malaga road bike trails

level 3 | 45 km, circular

Famous climbing from Malaga to Fuente de la Reina and Puerto del Leon through real cycling road is appreciated by every cyclist. Almost 16 km of ascent with any 5 parts of 12% of inclination.


RB-05 Malaga -> Casabermeja -> Riogordo ->Torre del Mar -> Malaga

Malaga cycling routes for road bikes

Malaga road bike cycling routes

level 4 | 113 km, circular

Another nice trip staring in Malaga and leading to Axarquia, east micro-region of Malaga Province. Enough km's and elevation too. You start by climbing famous pass Puerto del Leon above city of Malaga and then keep on along Natural Park Montes de Malaga to village Colmenar. On your right side you will get amazing views over Axarquia in generally inclusive Peak SantopitarComares or Peak Maroma further away.


RB-06 Malaga -> El Palo -> Olias -> Puerto del Leon -> Malaga

Cycling route Malaga Olias

Malaga road bike routes

level 3 | 47 km, circular

Let's go for another impressive climb in Region de Malaga!! 16 km uphill with some short descents, in generally from 5 m.a.s. up to any 900 m.a.s. The strongest part comes between km 11 and km 13 where you will get 10% and 15%... not bad!!!


RB-07 Malaga -> Casabermeja -> Riogordo -> Puerto del Leon -> Malaga

Cycling route Malaga-Casabermeja

Malaga road bike routes

level 4 | 88 km, circular

Nice and moderate round trip behind Malaga. During any 90 km you will gain elevation over 2000 m.


RB-08 Malaga -> Santopitar -> Comares -> Torre del Mar -> Malaga

Road bike cycling routes Malaga-Santopitar-Comares

Malaga road bike routes

level 4 | 98 km, circular

A bit harder trip to region called Axarquia. You will get enough elevation during first 50 km.


RB-09 Malaga -> Casasola -> Villanueva -> Almogia -> Campanillas -> Malaga

Bike road route route Malaga Casasola lake

Malaga road bike routes

level 3 | 89 km, circular

Moderate trip around lake Casasola towards majestic formation El Torcal and back. Any 90 km with views over valleys Barranco del Sol and Hoya de Malaga.


RB-10 Malaga -> Benamocarra -> Iznate -> Cajiz -> Benajarafe -> Malaga

Bike road route route Malaga Iznate Cajiz

Malaga road bike routes

level 2 | 80 km, circular

A soft round trip through Axarquia region. You will get any initial 35 km of flat coastal road to warm up, then some steady climbs and returning through the same coastal road.


RB-11 Malaga -> Casabermeja -> Villanueva -> Valle del Abdalajis -> Malaga

Malaga road bike trails

Road bike tours Malaga Alora

level 5 | 130 km, circular

Hard trip to mountains behind Malaga!!! But amazing views!!!


RB-12 Malaga -> Campanillas -> Cartama -> Alhaurin -> Malaga

Malaga Cycling Route Malaga Alhaurin El Grande

Road bike tours Malaga Alhaurin

level 2 | 80 km, circular

Shorter and easy ride behind Malaga in valley called Hoya de Malaga.


RB-13 Malaga -> Pizarra -> El Burgo -> Coin -> Malaga

Cycling route Malaga Pizarra El Burgo

Road bike tours Malaga Pizarra

level 5 | 140 km, circular

This is a long trip close to 150 km so it makes that difficult. In generally you will get almost 2000m of elevation, it is not so much but some hills are a bit steeper.


RB-14 Malaga -> Cartama -> Coin -> Alozaina -> Pizarra -> Aljaima

Cycling routes Andalusia – Road bike route Malaga-Cartama-Alora-Aljaima

Cycling in Malaga

level 4 | 117 km, circular

Nice and longer trip around valley called Hoya de Malaga. You will have adequate elevation and over 100 km including many possibilities to get refreshment.



RB-15 Personal Uphill Challenge

Malaga road bike cycling routes

Cycling routes Malaga

level 4 | 72 km, circular

This trip is dedicated to those people interested in amazing hills.



RB-16 Vuelta 2014 Stage Ronda

Andalusia road bike routes Vuelta

Vuelta road bike routes Malaga

level 5 | 105 km, circular

Vuelta 2014 Stage Ronda  One of the amazing round trips around Ronda with adequate km's and strong gained elevation.



RB-17 Malaga -> Colmenar -> Riogordo -> Viñuela -> Torre del Mar

Routes for road bikes Andalusia – Road bike training Andalusia

Road bike training Malaga

level 4 | 112 km, circular

This is nice trip around Axarquia Region. First part is hilly and second one is flat coastal road.


RB-18 Malaga -> El Chorro -> Teba -> El Burgo -> Alozaina

Routes for road bikes Andalusia – Road bike training Malaga

Road bike training Malaga

level 5 | 185 km, circular

This is nice and long round trip through valley behind Malaga called Hoya de Malaga, along gorge El Chorro to lakes above, keeping direction Ronda for few km's and going back via famous passes Aire and Abejas.  Enough kilometers and elevation will make it hard.